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Lindenplatz 1
59423, Unna, Germany
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Since the beginning of 2009, the Center for International Light Art in Unna presents a second installation by American light artist James Turrell. The art work entitled “Third Breath”, which has been especially designed for Unna, links two perception rooms and allows visitors to experience a completely new visual perception.

The installation is connected with the museum by an underground passage. The visitor first enters the lower dark part of the installation, the Camera Obscura. On a circular white marble surface, he can see reflections of the sky, clouds or even birds flying above. Using a stairway, the visitor reaches the upper part of the installation, Skyspace. While the visitor sees an image of the sky in the Camera Obscura, generated by natural light and the sharpness of a lens, here he can make a comparison with the natural appearance of the sky, which seems to float like a huge dome above him. Turrell shows us the real sky, which is staged in an artificial way.


Posted: 30 June, 2014


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