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Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Gulval, Penzance
TR20 8YL, Cornwall, England
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Carefully sited to sit comfortably in a pivotal point within the landscape, internal images present a 360° view of the gardens in a hypnotic and magical way. Images of the plants and views are often compared to landscape portraits – albeit alive with movement and light.

There are two cameras obscuras:

One by artist Billy Wynter. This  is a round building set within the gardens -views of the plants and woodland viewable through apparatus which rotates through full 360 degrees-very popular with our visitors.

The other work is by American artist James Turrell -it is titled Aqua Oscura. This is an interesting work.An old water storage tank from the 1890s has been re-presented as an underground chamber  .Walking into a very dark space initially -as ones brain re-adjusts the image of the tree canopy above gradually becomes visible as a projection .The light enters through a pinhole and is then re-directed horizontally by a mirror.



Posted: 1 March, 2017


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