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Hadleigh Park, Chapel Lane, Benfleet
Essex, SS7 2PP, England.
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The Reveal an underground Camera Obscura for Hadleigh Country Park, Essex.

The idea for The Reveal evolved out of a process of research and engagement with the site and through working with local groups and the Park Rangers at Hadleigh Country Park.

On our first visit to Hadleigh, the route into the park did little to prepare us for the magnificent view that would reveal itself. The high vantage point overlooking the Thames estuary, makes Sandpit Hill an ideal observation post and it is these views which inspired the artist John Constable to paint the scene Hadleigh Castle (1829) nearly two hundred years ago.

Historically this site has played an important strategic role in defence and the World War II gun emplacements and ancillary buildings which are scattered about the site both above and below ground are evidence of this.

The development of the Olympic Mountain Bike Course for 2012 and the more recent adaptations of the trails have added another layer to this complex terrain. In contrast to these man-made interventions are the earth burrows and nests created by some of the park’s invertebrates such as the Shrill Carder Bee.

Our idea to create an underground camera obscura evolved from all these observations and the desire to harness this amazing view and reveal it in an unexpected way.


Posted: 7 March, 2016


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