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Sassoon Dock Azad Nagar, Colaba
Mumbai, India
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Location: Sassoon Dock, Mumbai as part of Sassoon Dock Art Project
Date: 11 Nov 2017-30 Dec 2017
Artist: Pierre Guyot

The Camera Obscura room is a room-scaled optic installation that offers a new perspective on the vibrant landscape of Sassoon Docks. The light enters the room through a pinhole, forming an eerie inverted picture of the outside on the walls of the room, making it functional only during the day time.

Used by artists since centuries to unravel the complexity of reality and work on representation, the camera obscura is there an architectural medium to trigger a new perception of that particular spot of the city. In the darkness, the visitor is invited to take some time to contemplate the landscape that is filling the room by turning his back to it, and connect this perception to his own inner-self.


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