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Kingston Tower, 5 Abhyudaya Nagar Rd
400033, Mumbai, India
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Mumbai is a city of 13,662,885. During Nilu Izadi‘s stay in the city of Mumbai in 2007 five hundred high rise buildings were under construction. The city was booming. The views from around the city were of cranes and the rise of the tower. One of the many shanty towns with a population of 120,00 was being reappropriated by the the property developer for the construction of 3 adjoining high rise towers for the middle class.

Nilu’s project centred around one of the tallest high rise buildings under construction; Kingston Tower. She converted 3 floors of that tower into camera obscura installations, projecting scenes of the re-housing project of the mid-rise (built temporarily to accommodate those from the slums) the roads, office and factory buildings and slums.

That was a view of the changing city of Mumbai.


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