Lost Camera Obscura “Das Auge” Stade

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Goebenstr. 22
21680 Stade, Germany
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The Camera Obscura involves a room in which you can walk around and observe exactly what people in the vicinity are doing on a projection medium. In the case of the Camera Obscura Stadea this takes place in the old sluice house.

An adjustable table serves as a projection surface. By turning and tilting the mirror it is possible to look in many directions and cover a circle of 360º.

The “Stadea” is one of six Cameras Obscura in Germany you can move around in and was installed at the behest of Stade’s photographic society “Das Auge” (“the eye”).

It can only be visited in the context of a performance. Anyone wishing to try out their artistic talent can do this with the help of a camera with a hole in it. In this way you can draw a silhouette of the town on paper.



Posted: 21 July, 2014


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