Sacristan House

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Sacristan House. Plaza de la Catedral, 4
24700 Leon, Astorga, Spain
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The Sacristan House, which is more than 300 hundred years old, has been inhabited by numerous and diverse kind of people, but it retains its essence.

It is a charming (and also “enchanted”) little house. Its rooms house nowadays several devices including optical and light effects and a camera obscura.

Piter Kill, who was a famous Dutch scientist, arrived at the house at the end of 17th century and filled the building with different wonders. He reduced his room to a single camera obscura and he chased the spectrum of light by prisms. He pierced doors and walls in order to communicate visually the rooms. He scattered concave and distorting mirrors through the walls and also candles and lanterns which produced shadows that did not seem to belong to the objects that caused them.

Today, visiting the Sacristan House is a visual experience. The organization cannot guarantee the optimal conditions of every assembly installed in the rooms due to the influence that the light conditions from outside make to the degree of visibility.


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