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Alameda de Capuchinos. Torre mirador del auditorio.
23003. Jaén, Spain
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The construction of the Camera Obscura of “Capuchinos” in one of the towers of “La Alameda” will allow us to recover the vision of the old “Mirador de Capuchinos”, a view lost many years ago, for several generations of “jiennenses” recognizing this place as the ideal for contemplation, to the south of the olive countryside through the “Cerro de San Cristóbal” and to the west, a monumental site formed by the Cathedral, San Ildefonso, Santa Catalina Castle, Cerro Almodovar and Cerro La Mella at the background.

This unique gadget can be considered as an optical instrument created for experimentation of the methods and effects of things under the action of light, so it is advisable to visit the sunny days. With this Camera Obscura we will experience visually in a scenic setting of 360 º.



Posted: 21 July, 2014


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