Isles of Scilly Camera Obscura and Cabinet of Curiosities

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Buzz Hill, St. Mary's Island, Hugh Town
Isles of Scilly, England
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Islanders Andrew and Be Combes have set up the world’s first folding camera obscura in the Buzza Tower.

It takes 45 minutes to view a complete rotation, which reveals views across the Tresco Channel, towards the airport and over towards St Agnes.

Be had never seen a camera obscura before her husband Andrew suggested one for the tower. And she says it’s been an exciting project to work on.

In the last 18 months the Combes have undertaken a major renovation of the tower including a new roof, floors and stairs.

Andrew says it was hard work, but they did it because they’re passionate about Scilly and didn’t want to see such an iconic building fall down.

Their aim was to create an attraction to add to the tourism offer but it’s not going to be a big money making venture, says Andrew.

As well as the camera, the tower also contains a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ made up of unusual donated items.


Posted: 22 October, 2016


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