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The Camera Obscura of the Tavira Tower was opened on December the 22 of 1994 and was the first Camera Obscura installed in Spain. The Tavira Tower has received the patent [PDF] for the use of the Camera Obscura in Spain N° U9701729 by the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas.

The idea comes from Belén González Dorao, the entrepreneur and founder of the project in Cádiz. Her brother, Ignacio visited during his holidays in Edinburgh a Camera Obscura and told his sister about the existence of this interesting optical effect. Later Belén started to think that the light in this region and the privileged situation of the Tavira Tower would be ideal to realize a similar project in Cádiz, which was right.

If you want to install a Camera Obscura in your region don’t hesitate to contact us: +34 956 21 29 10 or email: We are pleased to help you with any questions concerning the installation of a Camera Obscura.

The support of your request includes, besides the delivery of the optical instrument, the consultation of necessary modifications on the building for an adequate installation of the Camera Obscura. In addition we are pleased to consult you about the necessary marketing strategies and entrepreneurial steps for the future development of your tourist project.