Hall of Wonders. Visconteo Castle – Voghera

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Visconteo Castle, Liberazione Square
27058 Voghera, Pavia (Italy)
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The Hall of Wonders was born in Voghera and it became the first steady “Camera Obscura” in Italy.
The project was conceived by Beppe Bolchi for Spazio 53 in collaboration with the Voghera city council and it was built on Visconteo Castle’s Northwest Tower main floor.

On the opposite wall to the Camera Obscura opening you will be able to see the clear image, albeit in reverse, of the Voghera Cathedral’s dome and the gardens and palaces that are located in front of Visconti Castle.
This is a new way of seeing and understanding reality with an ancient technique, a magical vision that will make history known and will allow everyone to be inside of a primitive camera.

An unmissable event not only for children, for whom visiting the Camera Obscura will be a magical experience like in fairy tales, but also for adults and photography enthusiasts, who recognize the importance of light ray studies and the theories about it.

In the “Galleria dei Feudi” that connects the two towers of the Castle, the project-exhibition “Città senza tempo” is exhibited, also permanently. In that exhibition the urban landscape is shown through the pinhole photography made by the photographer and teacher Beppe Bolchi .


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