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Camera Obscura - Ufficio tecnico dei Grigioni Via dal Bernina
7710 Poschiavo - Switzerland
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It is located in Bernina Pass, a mountain pass located in the Bernina Massif, within the Alps mountain range which is located in Switzerland, although very close to the border with Italy.

In addition to its function as a winter maintenance base for the Bernina Pass road, this building, designed by the architecture firm of Chur, Bearth & Deplazes, has a special appeal. In collaboration with photographer Guido Baselgia, the architects created a camera obscura on the top floor of the imposing silo used to store salt and crushed stone. This allows visitors to perceive the Bernina area in a totally new way and to think about their perception of the area.

The silo tower’s Camera Obscura is a windowless room. The light enters through a hole in the wall and the image of the landscape is reflected on the inner concave wall and thus reflects, an unexpected way of looking at the panorama. The archetype of the darkroom works without a lens. A simple hole in the container of a dark room generates an image of the outside world on the inside wall. And its characteristic is that the point of view extends to 180°. The situation in the Bernina Pass is a marvelous constellation of an arctic landscape and ancient optical method.

The reflection of the outside world inside the Camera Obscura through the hole shows the viewer their own internal image, and it can be transformed into a contemplative act. It will take some time before the image is perceived. In the Camera Obscura the image is upside down, the same one that is “upright” outdoors thanks to the intervention of the observer’s brain. The cylindrical shape of the inner room transforms the projection screen into a concave movie screen, further enhancing the visiting experience.


Posted: 27 July, 2022


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