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Aegina Perdika
46100, Greece
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The Camera Obscura in Perdika Village, on Aegina is the first Camera Obscura in Greece.

The Camera Obscura building is the Art work by Mr. Gustav Deutch Artist and Architect.The installation of Camera Obscura was possible because of the cooperation and friendly support of the General Staff of the Greek Navy, particularly of Polemiko Naftiko Tameio Ethnikou Stolou.

It is a camera obscura on the island of Aegina, one of the Saronic islands that are close to Athens and easily accessible by ferry boat. Near the little town of Perdika in Aegina we discovered some old World War II German bunkers that were still largely intact.  As it turns out, the camera obscura is actually built on one of those bunkers.

The mostly empty observation bunker had been clad in a new wooden skin and fitted with a row of holes around the circumference. Around the top half of the cylindrical room are a row of rear projection screens, on them are upside down live images of the surrounding scenery. The effect is really pretty stunning. The moving sea, blue sky and peaceful Greek island landscape are projected as a live panoramic movie inside this building of war.

Unfortunately, this Camera has been completely vandalised and is no longer a touristic attraction.


Posted: 19 January, 2016


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  1. Jenny says:

    Please note that this has unfortunately been completely vandalised and is no longer an attraction (I visited the site in June 2019).

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