Adirondack Camera Obscura, Saranac Lake

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4 Tamer Way
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
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While driving down Lake Flower Avenue toward downtown SaranacLake you might have noticed a little pale green house close to the road. That house is the Adirondack Camera Obscura Studio. The building was designed and constructed by local photographer Mark Ellis.
It is a full sized Camera Obscura, large enough to walk into. It is like you are walking inside of a giant camera. The little box on top of the building (the lens) can be turned by pulling at two ropes. By turning the lens you can turn the opening so that you can capture different angles of the outside landscape. He uses mirrors to reflect the image down onto the table. You may move the table up and down (with the help of others) to help create a clearer image as you turn the lens.
This building is open to the public to explore (almost all of the time). Once you close the door and follow the directions you will be absolutely amazed! It is such a unique experience you will not regret taking the time to do. If you have a couple minutes, stop in and see it for yourself.


Posted: 22 February, 2019


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